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It's a Different World - forward thinking. 

Moving freight and getting product to your customer today is a very different process than just a decade ago. There are security requirements, compliance issues, insurance needs, and ever-changing prices due the to economy and fuel cost increases. Thinking ahead and planning for contingencies avoids delays and unexpected charges when it comes to delivering your freight.

It's all in Who you Know - forward motion. 

Laws and compliance standards are in a constant state of change throughout every country in the world. Having relationships with agents who are familiar with the nuances and requirements of their local Customs office ensures a smooth and timely delivery to your customer. 

It's having real-time information - forward systems. 

Knowing where your freight is and when it will deliver is part of providing excellent service to your customer.  You need powerful tools at your fingertips that allow you end-to-end visibility of your shipments. Putting the people, expertise and shipment tracking together for your logistics platform creates a supply chain solution and system you can count on.

Forward Systems Group     is an international freight forwarder committed to more than just moving your shipments.  We want to be your partner by providing the expertise and systems necessary to act as the logistics arm of your business.  


Forward Systems Group     handles domestic and international freight forwarding through a robust network of agents, airlines, ocean carriers and trucking companies. 


   forward thinking.  forward motion.  forward systems.



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